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alternative tentacles jello biafra's record-label
black shadow records record-label, Miami
jim blanchard comic + illustration site
book your own fuckin' life info-pool + adress-reader around the world
broken rekids record-label, San Francisco
calexico this great band
eugene chadbourne dr. eugene chadbourne's house of chandula
coop illustrations + comics
cowboy junkies this famous country-folk band
cracker this great band  >>>>  camper van beethoven
the cuban five national committee to free the cuban five, San Francisco
dionysus records record-label, Burbank
dischord records record-label, Washington D.C.
drag city records record-label, Chicago
eric drooker political paintings from Berkeley
dutch east india trading independent wholesaler for records + more
ebullition record-label + mailorder
hanns eisler modern socialist composer  >>>> bertolt brecht  
future pop shop online record store
get hip recordings record label + mailorder, Pittsburgh
granfaloon bus fabulous prairie-rock
harry's blues lyrics ressource page, over 3200 blues-lyrics
hi hat illustrations illustrations + comics, Portland
house of the rising punk very extensive linklist, Seattle
i hate your Boston punk- page
imperial dub record-label, San Francisco
indie bible big meteor publishing with independent links
joe jackson a brilliant songwriter
jad fair also independent style music
joe cartoons genuine funny cartoons !
k records calvin johnson's record-label + distribution, Olympia
kill rock stars record label, Olympia
kramer a genius music-producer
dagmar krause my favourite brecht/eisler/weill singer, absolutely great !
lcd comic-site
mazzy star this pop band is great !
country joe mcdonald country joe's place, Berkeley
merge records record-label, Chapel Hill
mordam records record-label
move organization against rascism + apartheid !!, Philadelphia
newgrounds funny games
punk net punkrock, New York
the punk page one of the oldest punk sites in the net, thousands of links
punkseek punkrock resource page
purple turtle recordings record-label, San Francisco
radical records record-label, New York
lou reed a man and his guitar  >>>> velvet underground
mark ryden illustrationartdesign, great !!!
hope sandoval hope sandoval >>> mazzy star
the silver jews great folk band with catchy pop appeal
smithsonian folkways record-label, over 2500 historic recordings, Washington D.C.
sst records life's too short for boring music !  >>>> cruz records
subculture the vitual jihad
superbad animation-site
superchunk it's punky, it's melodic, it's poppy, it's fast....
sympathy for the record industry punkrock + independent record label, Long Beach
talking heads the name of this site is....
they might be giants a funny duo with their nice music
tom tom club the good, the bad & the funky....
moe tucker this drumming lady  >>>>  velvet underground
ultimate band list over 100.000 links concerning music, bands, label....
velvet underground andy warhol's own
victims family this is jazzcore
vinyl communications record-label, Chula Vista
the volcano suns progressive rock-band
the walkabouts an American independent band  >>>>chris & carla
mike watt mike's hootpage, full of interesting links....
what are records ? record-label, Boulder  >>>> yazbek
word sound recordings record label with future soundz, New York
robert wyatt a great musician and his music
neil young he created the symbiosys of folkrock and punk
frank zappa information, photos + much more about this great musician