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4 ad record-label
ak press politcal books + other stuff
the adverts punkrock '77-style
alpha & omega this is dub
attila the stockbroker punkrock, poems + football, from Brighton
blood & fire record-label with reggae stuff
blues & soul house + garage + hip hop + r&b + jazz + blues + soul
blues & stuff blues resource page
blyth power great punk tunes
boyracer lo-fi pop at it's best, with the biggest output
billy bragg socialism of the heart
cherry red records independent record label  >>>> anagram records
citizen fish ska-punk  >>>>the subhumans
the clash London's burning !, the clash resource page
cooking vinyl famous independent record label, London
elvis costello songwriting at it's best !
damaged goods punkrock record label
domino records record label
dr. martens classical + modern shoes
dub vendor dub specialists, record-shop + mailorder, London
early blues blues resource page from Northern England
fidelchè political shirts + more, Bexhill
dick gaughan a folksinger from Scotland, political + celtic links
half man half biscuit back in the D.H.H.S.
helen love bubblegumpunkrock
jasmine minks brilliant independent pop band
the jazz butcher the real brit-pop !
klang records record-distro, Hebden Bridge
the levellers UK's folk-rock heroes
lene lovich these new wave lady !
nick lowe a man + his famous songwriting
madness one step beyond
matador records record label, europe's headquarters London
mega city four  melodic indie-rock
the men they couldn't hang another favourite folk-rock band of mine
new millenium communications record label with rare + unreleased material
new model army great independent guitar-rock
martin newell the greatest living englishman  >>>> cleaners from venus
the newtown neurotics political punk-rock !
no border no one is illegal
oysterband one of my favourite folk-rock bands
graham parker a man + his songwriting  >>>> the rumour
john peel a legendary dj with his phantastic sessions
john peel session archive informations about all sessions
public image limited john lydon's great project
tom robinson songwriter + political activist
searchlight antifascist magazine
shiver records record label, makers of dubhead
the smiths this band wrote pop-history
snuff very fast punk/mod band
soul-a-go-go page for record collectors
stiff records record-label, it's great !
nikki sudden psychedelic + rock'n'roll
talulah gosh very nice girlie pop
tindersticks suspended melancholic pop music
trojan records record-label, specialised in ska, reggae + roots dub
tv smith punk-rock  >>>> the adverts
universal egg record label, home of new dub + electronica
up, bustle + out my favourite ninja tune artists
wedding present my favourite independent guitar sounds, from Leeds
words of warning record-label, anarcho punkrock/oi
wreckless eric the donovan of trash
youth revolution  punkrock stuff from Hampshire
14 iced bears one of the best pop-bands ever !